Member Investment Products

Investment products mainly are monthly Sacco deposits where members
earn interest every year and members share capital where they earn dividends annually.

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Share Capital

A transferable but not withdrawable minimum amount of KSh.30,000 contributed by every member to earn a determinable divided from time to time but cannot be used for loan eligibility. The share capital can be increased through dividend capitalization, cash payment or purchase of shares from member wishing to withdraw from the Sacco. One may also request to transfer Sacco Deposits to Share Capita


Sacco Deposits

These are deposits accumulated from the monthly contributions

  • Earns annual interest
  • Refundable on withdrawal
  • Used as security for loans
  • Can be increased through capitalization of annual interest on deposits or cash payments
  • Can be boosted or purchased through new loan application

Haba na Haba Deposit Account

  • This is a special voluntary non-withdrawable savings account
  • Its objective is to promote a culture of wealth accumulation
Fixed Deposit Account

• Opening statement to be drafted
• Open to both banking and back office members
• Higher returns than ordinary deposits
• No monthly contribution is required


Ordinary Fixed Deposits Account

• Has competitive rates


Flex Fixed Deposits Account

• Minimum period is 12 months


Hifadhi Fixed Deposits Account

• Membership withdrawal funds or any other monies are held on a fixed account
• Can be accessed by member in phases of agreed installments as the balance earns interest to the member.

Our Top Investors

Emmy Kageha

I am Emmy Ingaiza Kageha an agricultural officer by profession, I worked with the Kisumu County government until January 2022 when I retired, and I have a home in Mamboleo in Kisumu. I have had a passion for poultry farming since childhood.

Joan Birungi Ariwi

I am Joan Adhiambo Ariwi an Information Technology expert currently on self-employment. I have a company called Rose Wood Urban Living. I sell house finishes, lighting and plumbing materials.

Eng. Peter Kamau

I have walked with Apstar Sacco since the time I was employed all the things I have done from educating my children to personal development is because of being supported by Apstar Sacco through provision of affordable financial services with very low interest rate
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