Medium Term Loan Products

Our medium-term loans are for tenures ranging from 12 to 36 months specifically designed to cater to individuals and businesses seeking financing for investment and development purposes, with a particular focus on refinancing. With our competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options, we provide the financial support you need to make your investment goals a reality.

Additional Loan

Introducing our revolutionary 30-month refinancing loan, designed to empower you with financial freedom and accelerate your projects completion timelines. This loan product combines the flexibility of a shorter-term commitment with the advantages of refinancing, allowing you to unlock significant savings and reclaim control over your finances.

La Riba Advance Loan

Targeted to members who are obliged to be shariah compliant.
Repayable within 36 Months.
Zero interest.
Maximum loan up to 2 times deposits.
Upfront administration fee applies

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