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Welcome to our virtual assistant platform!

Our cutting-edge AI-powered virtual assistant Suluhu, is here to revolutionize and enhance your user experience

Get to know suluhu
Suluhu Our Virtual Online Assistant
Get to know suluhu

Welcome to our virtual assistant platform! Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to instant support. Our cutting-edge AI-powered virtual assistant Suluhu, is here to revolutionize and enhance your user experience.

Member Communication

Through Suluhu, we will broadcast communication from the society. The communication shall be two way meaning that you the member will be able to acknowledge receipt and have an opportunity to make follow up questions for further clarifications.

Member transactions

For a start, Suluhu enables you to make transactions such as deposits, share capital, benevolent. Members are also able to check their account balances.


Marketing Campaigns

Through Suluhu, we will undertake marketing campaigns to all members such as communicating new loan products with all the product features.


New member onboarding

Suluhu is able to onboard new members. In addition, newly recruited members shall be able to upload documents such as ID and any KYC documents. The bot is integrated with the IPRS system for member verification purposes.

Our Other Services
Our Other Services

Complaint Handling

Through the bot, a member can lodge complaints online and the complaints channeled to the CRM for resolution process. The complaint handling form is embedded in the bot to make it easier for members to lodge complaints.

Feedback Mechanism (Customer Satisfaction Survey)

Occasionally we will use the bot to conduct member satisfaction surveys and get feedback and response from members to determine their level of satisfaction with the society.

Member Inquiries (FAQs & All Society information)

Is useful for referrals and targeting new members as well as existing members who may have inquiries on the society.

Loan Repayment

Members can pay their loans through the virtual assistant whenever and wherever they are. It makes it easier and convenient for members to use Suluhu saving them time and cost.

Loan Appraisal

Suluhu enables members undertake self-loan appraisals. This makes it easier for them to determine what kind of loan they can apply for including the amount, repayment period and instalments.

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